Affil4You Adds Italian Mobile Traffic Redirects, Billing

PARIS — Affil4You is continuing its global expansion with the addition of mobile traffic redirect and billing services for ITALY.

With a total population of more than 60 million, Italy’s mobile penetration is above the European average of 122.4 percent.

Italy’s current 82.9 million mobile subscribers is expected to inflate to over 92 million subscribers by 2015, equivalent to a penetration rate of almost 152 percent.

Affil4You’s commitment to bringing its affiliate network the maximum opportunities to monetize on mobile traffic enables its steady growth as the industry’s top mobile services provider.

Having conquered the European mobile market as an established mobile billing solution in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, Affil4You also has expanded into Indonesia, Malaysia and North America to strengthen the company’s presence worldwide.

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The Affil4you team